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Vehicle Boards and Car Systems Repair Blog

MiniMax Diesel Tuner for pick up trucks
14 November 2019
According to the customer the HDMI port has been broken, and he has tried to keep it on with crazy glue. Ofcourse that will not last long, as microsoldering is necessary for any kind of motherboard repair these days. Customer statement this is an aftermarket tuner made by the company mini maxx by h & s which is out of business. However it is the same thing as a Bully Dog brand tuner model 40420 or 40428 Current HDMI status as the board arrived It was fully broken and 2 legs stuck in the throughholes with some damage to the pads. The hdmi port was completely removed from the board,broken right off. What makes this repair difficult is the fact that there is an LCD ont he other side that is not easily detachable, and is soldered on . The flex cable is sodlered tot he screen and attached to the motherboard in a way where it will be damaged if removed. So cleanup was a bit difficult. Cleanup Process So here is what we did. We used slight hot air on the board to heat it, making sure we do n...
Volkswagen EOS 2.0T Gear / Shifter Board Repair
16 January 2019
This is the light control box near the gear shifter, Usually water damage or spillage from drinks can cause damage. and we fix those! Take it out and send it to us ASAP! This board is located in a 2008 VOLKSWAGEN EOS 2 0T HARD TOP CONVERTIBLE. Customer was very very happy with the new LED SMD job.