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Macintosh Repair Blog

Mac Air LCD and glass refurbishing
17 September 2017
The macair is not an easy repair for any technician. The LCD and digitizer are very tight and require hardware and skill to be able to seperate and install a new LCD or backlight or cables. The best option is swaping out the assembly itself but that is costly. TDR refurbishes the LCD assembly having them ready for installs to happy customers. First removing the aluminium bezzel: \ Then removing the LCD afterwards removing the backlight components. Make sure to be careful with all cables! This is not a job for novice, only advanced techs with more than 5 years can perform this task without destroying the macbook.
Macbook Air A1465 with broken LCD
17 September 2017
Macbook Air 11.6 inches is a very small and slim model. It is a very difficult machine to work with, not all repair shops can work on them. We installed a refurbished LCD screen to this mac with turn around time of less than 24 hours. The broken screen assembly was also sent for refurbishing.
2 MacBooks 2 Problems
18 August 2017
2 MacBooks are suffering from 2 independent problem. One can not update and that is due to the fact that it is an early 2009 A1297 That is not compatible with Mac OSX 10.12.6... It is unfortunate that apple does not allow a different path of upgrade for this. The other book had the dreaded 3 beeping noises. And after diagnostics we realized that this is a memory slot issue. where the bottom one is not having correct connectivity to the memory chip.
MacBook Pro A1287 LogicBoard Repair
27 July 2017
Macbook pro was suffering from a motherboard issue that Apple and other repair shops could not repair. The screen would flicker colors and the pixelation was distorted. Previous repair technicians and shops have damaged connectors to the fans and made the machine run hot. We repaired the connetors, as well as we re-attached the GPU to the motherboard. After assembly and testing the macbook is back to normal.