SP4 Data Recovery


Password Recovery

If you can prove this is your stuff, then we will do our best to try to get you back into it! Whether you have a locked computer, or lost  the password to your WiFi connection, we will try to help you. Passwords are very annoying these days, you always have to change them, and keep them safe. let alone remember every single one of them... Some viruses might cause lockouts, Some software updates might get you in trouble and lock you out. DO not worry, We have gotten businesses and home users reunited with there data and access in a matter of days.

At TDR we make sure to use the latest in chain file technologies so we can securely store our passwords. not many are lucky enough to be able to store passwords, and Yes you will forget one or two from time to time. So make sure to Consult with us about your sensitive data.

We specialize in getting you back into your Computers and Networks. We can re-access PC, Linux, And WiFi networks.

Computer Password Recovery

We can recovery you Login Password if you have forgotten it. We can also remove and add a new one. Most systems can be reset with special care and precision. Mac, Windows & Linux.

Website Password & Access Recovery

DO not bother with this one. we got this one covered A to Z.. We can fully get you back to your compromise website, and remove all malicious software, and prevent further attacks. Please check out the web hosting plans with TDR. We are PHP Stack Linux masters. So that means we will just bring it back tothe basics and start off simple;. we will rebuild websites from the top down using our 20 years of field experience. 


Data Recovery

We can recover data from almost every damaged system, With our level 1-3 recovery experts, and level 4 external network of TDR members we are able to work on some of the most challenging data recovery projects.

What we recover..

Based on specifications from the clients and a small consultation we are able to find the most common hiding places for these files. As even when the File system is readable the files could be hidden from a tech's eyes. We always need to be on the same track so we can recover 100% of the data!

Can data be lost forever?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. In cases where actual physical damage is done to the discs or digital chip media, OR degausing using electromagnetic fields, Then the chances are very small.. close to non. But we can definitely try.. we don't mind giving even the most challenging of recoveries a try.


What devices do we currently recover data from?

USB Flash Drives

We are soldering experts that means we do work on microsoldering jobs with perfect precision. This comes in handy when doing USB flash drive recoveries. as most of the time it is a connecctor, a chip or two to be replaced. Identifying them might not be easy, and thats why we re-marry some NANDs and recover with a donor! .. Yes we must have donors in this tech world too. 

2.5" and 3.5" Hard Drives (Sata/PATA HDD)

PlayStations & Xboxs

With gaming consoles recovery could be a tricky thing. Everything is encrypted! and only the hardware has access to the key. Yikes! so we must utilize some cool techniques to get this recovery. 

Windows/Linux/Mac Systems

Deleted File Recovery

Accidentally delete your files from trash or recycling bin... its a common issue. deleting files by mistake can cause lots of trouble. However, TDR has a 99.8% success rate at recovering deleted files. specially if you have a really large drive emptier drive. Smaller more packed drives with data might have a no chance success rate. Which is troublesome. so if you accidentally lost files and deleted them, it is safer to turn of your system, disconnect the drives and call us. You do risk losing your data the more you use your system .



Get In Touch

You can Chat with us, Submit a repair quote request or Simply call our 888 Number 888-659-3487 to start your mail-in repair order

Mail-In Repair Ticket

Once you have successfully contacted us and we know your device issues, Package & Ship your device to us to "Tech Device Repair, 5317 S Ridgewood Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127!

Device Fixed & Shipped

One of our expert repair technicians will evaluate the repair claim and start repairing your device when you pay the full repair amount quoted. We finally ship your device fully functional!