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15-day Money Back Guarantee

All of our repairs performed at a TDR Certfied Shop, come with an any time 15-money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your repairs for any reason, or the repairs are not performed; you will get a FULL refund!*

60-day Repair Warranty

When you are satisfied with your repair, performed at a TDR certified Shop, we still give you a 60 day warranty curtosy on your repairs. So you can rest assured that you will have the best repair experience with TDR.*

*not all shops are TDR Certified. Verify with the TDR Logo at the door.

Wii Repair Blog

Wii u game pad motherboard replacement
25 January 2018
Wii U Game Pad charger port broke and we replaced the motherboard.
Wii U Screen Replacement
25 November 2017
Difficult task but always successful. The Wii u had many small parts internally and can be damaged with improper disassembly. It is built with micro-circuits and micro-chips in a circuit board.
Wii U Gampad Analog Stick Replacement
16 October 2017
This Wii U GamePad needed replacements of left stick and right stick as well as back cover. Which is an easy task for TDR. Back to normal.