We repair the Wii U Gaming System. It is a very well built Gaming Console. Though with normal wear and tear it is definitely prone to some issues. It is not water proof, so do not spill water or soda on your game-pads. It is prone to breaking if you drop it from a good height. Don't Drop it! And definitely do not jam more than one disc in the DVD drive. The reader won't like that. If you happen to abuse your Wii U in any other way, bring it in and we will massage it for you!

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Most Common Wii U problems:

No Video / No Signal on TV

Most commonly known as a black screen of death. on most Wii u systems this is due to motherboard issues. specifically damage in to the HDMI output module. We replace the damaged chips and repair the issue. The repair process to this type of chip requires micro-soldering and skilled techs. 

Stuck DVD game in Disk Tray

Usually mechanical issues are something that we can repair quiet easily. In severe cases an entire drive replacement must be performed. The Wii U system has a solid blu-ray drive, from time to time it does break!

Game-pad power and charging issues

Charging ports on the gamepads go bad most of the time. It's OK we replace those with proven state of the art techniques. When using your gamepad while it is being charged, you can yank the cable and damage the port. most of the time the damage occurs when the USB charging cable is plugged in to the game pad. for better care please store your gamepads without any wires connected to them.

Wii to game-pad Sync issues

From time to time the wireless connectivity of the game-pad might go bad. No worries though we have diagnosed many Wii systems with that issue and have help hundreds get their connection back on!

Broken HDMI port on Wii U

TDR is a specialist in motherboard repairs and component removal and soldering. This is something we do with our eyes open on a microscope. Expect Excellence in repairs. All HDMI ports on the Wii U are carefully placed ans soldered. There is a misconception on ebay that you can use basic tools and a kit is being sold. do your self a favor and don't waste your time or break your motherboard and just send you HDMI port to be replaced professionally by one of our technicians


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You can Chat with us, Submit a repair quote request or Simply call our 888 Number 888-659-3487 to start your mail-in repair order

Mail-In Repair Ticket

Once you have successfully contacted us and we know your device issues, Package & Ship your device to us to "Tech Device Repair, 5317 S Ridgewood Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127!

Device Fixed & Shipped

One of our expert repair technicians will evaluate the repair claim and start repairing your device when you pay the full repair amount quoted. We finally ship your device fully functional!

15-day Money Back Guarantee

All of our repairs performed at a TDR Certfied Shop, come with an any time 15-money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your repairs for any reason, or the repairs are not performed; you will get a FULL refund!*

60-day Repair Warranty

When you are satisfied with your repair, performed at a TDR certified Shop, we still give you a 60 day warranty curtosy on your repairs. So you can rest assured that you will have the best repair experience with TDR.*

*not all shops are TDR Certified. Verify with the TDR Logo at the door.

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