We are the world leaders for replacements of HDMI ports. In particularly we excel on the Xbox One System. We work on all three models, the Xbox One Original, the One S and the One X.. You can send in the device whole or just the motherboard alone. We also have bulk HDMI replacement options for 10 or more Xbox one systems.

To get started with an HDMI replacement. locate and click the start a repair button at the top of this page.


Troubleshooting of a bad HDMI Port:

  1. First make sure that your system is fully powered on and you get a white light.
  2. Plug in the HDMI port. No picture?
  3. Wiggle.. do you see differences in the TV scree. then you definitely need a new HDMI port
  4. Wiggle does nothing? Port is good? Then you might need a motherboard repair.
  5. You can also check the noises the Xbox makes, if there is any strange noises like clicks of a HDD, then you will need the HDD replacement service. Do not confuse the Noises with Fan noises.


If you have failed at any of the above steps. Please fill out a repair ticket and let us know which step it is that your HDMI Port failed on. We will be glad to help you

How do we replace an HDMI Port on an Xbox One?

There are a few steps into the preparation of a replacement of an HDMI Port.

  1. Apply flux to the port area.
  2. Heat up the board to 225.
  3. Add low melt solder to all pins and legs
  4. Easily remove port
  5. Clean with High solvent. 
  6. Remove extra solder from legs
  7. Remove other replacement port at 250 C
  8. while hot move it to the other HDMI IN Pins
  9. Solder all the pins
  10. Add extra heat to the legs to get a good solid joint on the through hole on the motherboard.

Here is the video of how we replace the Xbox HDMI port


If these steps seem cumbersome to you, don't worry they are actually level 9/10 difficulty for an experienced professional. No worries though. we can help you. Check out the video below to see how we do the repair.

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Xbox HDMI Repair Blog

  • Xbox One X HDMI Port Replacement (No Video)

    Xbox One X HDMI Port Replacement (No Video)

    28 August 2019
    The XB1X system suffers from the same issue of the poorly designed HDMI ports. If you use a bad HDMI cable or slightly hit the port, it will break and dislodge fromt he motherboard. This is an issue that is repairable. And our quality of repairs here at TDR is unmatched. Take a look at the miccroscopic image of how perfectly our Ports are soldered on. Each pin is never touched by hand, and it is a fully automated process.      Unbelievably amazing quality with warranty on each repair. We offer repairs to all local shops in america! yes they ship out the motherboards to us to repair for them becuase we are just hte best at this. The Xbox One X system is receiving love and care  from our microsoldering technicians.        here you can see a removed and cleaned motherboard ready for a fresh HDMI port.    and this is the original broken port! .. it sucks to have to get this fixed. so to prevent this issue. do not drop your xbox! do not use old cheap HDMI cables! and be careful when inserting the cable . 
  • Xbox 1s hdmi port  replacement

    Xbox 1s hdmi port replacement

    16 April 2019
    Xbox HDMI port replacement quality 100% #1 in the world.  We do automatic repair on these.     
  • Xbox 1 HDMI Repair. Motherboard damage

    Xbox 1 HDMI Repair. Motherboard damage

    21 April 2017
    We repaired the HDMI port on a damaged HDMI motherboard. There were 2 ripped connection pads, and we were able to solder them to the appropriate signal. The HDMI port replacements by TDR can be manual or semi-automatic.  The Xbox:  Working on the motherboard: Youtube video: https://youtu.be/kmGw7eXK43c