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MS Surface Repair Blog

One Terrible Condition Microsoft Surface Pro 3
14 October 2019
Why are we saying this is a terrible one? Well, here is the story.. Surface pro 3 sent in . for screen repair and battery replacement. However. we noticed more than just that. The screen replacement was not successful due to the fact that the shell was so bent out of shape! we needed a new shell. We got one, and replaced the board, We also noticed it was running very hot! So we we removed the motherboard again to access the CPU area and we have cleaned and re-thermal pasted the device But that is not all. the new battery that was placed came looking lie kit was great! after fully assembling the device we noticed windows saying that battery is not present , and device is still slightly heating up! So we replaced the battery It turns out that the original battery is not bad after all. the Firmware and all other software on the system needed an upgrade! When we did that the system stayed cool when Idle! Which is a great thing. With a new shell new screen and new firmware with a new windo...
Surface Pro 3 Battery Replacement
28 August 2019
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 batteries can die, bulge and lose complete charge fast. .. It is not an easy repair at all! 1 you need to remove the screen, 2 remove the battery without having it explode and then assemble the device and LCD..
Microsoft Surface3 Model 1657
24 June 2019
We are repairing some of the most complex surface issues.
Surface 3 Influx of the Atoms
22 May 2019
The Atom processor packed Microsoft Surface 3 has its own faults. Many of which are too costly to be repaired. however some can come back to life if need maybe.
Surface 4 with bulging battery
21 May 2019
Need battery replacement and screen reattached. Blown up battery was enough to cause major deformation on the screen however it did not break even with disassembly.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 No Power
10 April 2018
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 no power issue figured out! Also has a back light issue...updates when it is repaired!
Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacements
29 March 2018
We work on the delicate Microsoft Surface Pro 4...we do what others are afraid to! Send your Surface to the pros at Tech Device Repair!
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Screen repalcement
04 November 2017
MS Surface Screens are not cheap. and require skill to install. The ms surface screen take about a day to cure so do not expect 1 day turn around times for these!
Surface Pro 3 LCD replacement - A1631
02 September 2017
These Surface tablets LCD replacements require precision and time. The broken screen was discarded of since damage was very deep.