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Motherboard Repair Blog

Reballing A 40mm x 40mm CPU
17 September 2017
This happens to be a the PS4 motherboard, we do reball all other boards as well and micro components.
BGA glue on some Motherboard models
29 August 2017
Some motherboard assembly lines like to add an extram stablization step to the BGA solder process by adding a BGA glue. That glue disables successful reflows of any kind. The chip must be heated glue removed as well as washed in an ultrasonic machine under high temperatures to achieve a small success rate. The best option is to remove the chip and clean out the motherboard and Reball.
Dell Latitude E6420 Weird Flickering lines
13 May 2017
This indeed needed a motherboard repair, We have gotten the motherboard fully disassembled and preped for the sodler iron. We reworked the GPU, CPU and south bridge.