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Charger Port Repair Blog

Professional Electric Nail File Drill Machine Chargin Port R...
18 September 2019
Charging port repair for this machine was a simple job. It is loose due to vibration and wear and tear. Fluxing quick, heating up, then soldering makes it a perfect joint. We are the motherboard repair experts, any motherboard any problem. Even nail salon equipment. F' it! Quickly soldered the charging port, standandard 12V type connection. This device uses the charger to charge a battery so you can do nails on the spot.
Nintendo 3DS Charger Port Repair
06 February 2018
Nintendo 3DS Charger Port was jammed and broken. We did a charger port replacement and it is crisp!
Iphone 6 Screen And Charging Port Repair
22 December 2017
Backing up the phone contact info and everything is the best way to keep safe any confidential and important things place on your iPhone 6 phone before getting it repaired. Charging port is the first fix Tech device repair did and next is a successful screen repair forthe iPhone 6.
iPad Mini 2 Charger Port replacement!
08 October 2017
It is not easy task to repair an iPad charger port. the Apple's iPad Mini 2 is designed slim form factor! so it means repairing it is even more difficult. Our experts are able to replace the ports in minutes. Do Not try this one at home!
Acer Iconia 10 Tablet charger port replacement
07 September 2017
This acer iconia had a damaged charging port. We quickly sodlered a new one as it is a common broken part in many tablets.
Samsung Galaxy Tablet Charger Port Replacement
01 September 2017
It takes us some time to dissassemble and attach a new chraging port, But it is all worth it in the end when the battery sees some electric juice! Satisfying!
30 November 2016
We have in stock charging port ribbons for the galaxy s7 edge, Replaced in under 30 minutes.